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Troupe Obskurah is a high energy collaborative music and dance ensemble. We explore the history of world folk dance through thoughtful, energetic and researched performances.  We are committed to honouring the cultures of these ancient lands.  We take our audiences on a journey through time, with beautiful costumes, a wide range of musical instruments and creative choreographies.


While every performer ultimately walks their path alone, we have created a co-operative community where, when our roads cross, there is an opportunity for collaborative music and dance. supported by our core troupe.    This way we all respect and encourage one another and bring fresh ideas, a wide range of talents and constantly refreshing entertainment to our audiences.


We bring a distinctly unique flavour to Renaissance, Medieval or themed Festivals.  With our collection of colourful, decorated tents, we recreate the excitement of a nomadic musical troupe right on site!  We love teaching and speaking about the history of what we do.    Along with our performances, we have developed educational workshops that support the primary school Ancient Civilizations cirriculum.
Musical and Dance Stylings
We present dance in the following styles:
  • Saidi and Raks Asaya and Raks Tatib (Egypt)
  • Ghawazee (Egypt)
  • Khaleegi (Arabia Gulf)
  • folkdances from Persia, Afghanistan,
    & Pakistan
  • American Tribal Style Belly Dance 
  • Shamadan (Egypt)
  • Khalbelia (India)
  • Odissi (India)
We present music and folksongs in the following styles:
  • Middle Eastern (Doumbek, Oud)
  • Turkish (Saz, Cumbus)
  • Muwashahat (Arabian-Adalusian)
  • Macedonian, Balkan
Education Day Workshops
Choose which one works best for your festival
  • Medieval Medicine
  • Middle Eastern Drum rhythms - instruments provided
  • History & Dance Lesson of the Khalbelia (Snake People) of India
  • Customized workshops are available by special request
Mystical, Whimsical, Magical
This describes our unique blend of products perfectly.  Proudly located in Hamilton, Ontario, we are here to help both our customers and our small batch suppliers live a better, more joyful  life.  Come peruse our extensive collection of enchanted spiritual oils, baths and occult curios, essential oils, native grown smudge, folk art, cauldrons, textiles, silver and brass jewellery, handbags, leather crafts, Day of the Dead creations, Santa Muerte statues, stress dolls and malas.
For those looking for a deeper insight into their lives, we offer Charm Casting and Dilogun (Elegba Shell) readings and a variety of hands on and lecture style workshops.  Our Calendar has links to everything that is going on at the store.
Our SHOP! page has a limited selection of products. Our retail location carries a larger assortment of amazing products.
We believe in directly supporting the artisans who make all the beautiful things.  We travel to their work spaces, both locally and in South Asian and Central America, to buy small batches in person from them.  Purposefully, most of our handicrafters are rural women.  We are helping to keep their crafting traditions alive and relevant, as well as providing some financial security for them and their families.    And they are just amazing, talented and lovely people!
Our retail store is located at 116 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, Ontario. 
You may also find us at outdoor and craft festivals around Ontario.  Please check our calendar for vending dates and locations.  

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